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Looking for some feedback

Occasional Visitor

Looking for some feedback

I have received lots of good feedback from my campaigns nut I am always looking to improve, so I look forward to any comments anyone might have.


Cape May Newsletter



Chris Bezaire

Honored Contributor

Re: Looking for some feedback

Hi Chris,


Thanks for sharing your newsletter.


The first thing I noticed is that your header image appears stretched. I'd suggest using a different image for this section, something that fits better.


I liked the "Local News Stories" of the week.


In your introduction you mention spring maintenance tips, but I had a hard time finding them. A little more direction of where I could find them would have helped.




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Re: Looking for some feedback

My first reaction is how narrow it is. Is this the way it would show up on a browser on a computer?


Just a thought. Make it a bit wider?

Regular Advisor

Re: Looking for some feedback

Hi Chris, 

I agree with the previous two comments. The header image seems distorted and the overall layout is a bit narrow for today's standards. There is a lot of information in your newsletter so the cleaner you could make it, the better. For example, there seems to be excessive use of divider lines on the right side. 


In your opening paragraph, you use start each sentence with, "Here is..." The second sentence should be revised to start differently. Also, I couldn't find the tips you were referring to either. 


The "Join My Mailing List" button has rounded corners but there is white showing so it's not blending with the gray background. 


I like that you put your picture at the bottom. That adds a nice, personal touch. 


I hope my comments help a bit. Good luck to you!

Mike Donovan