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Looking for your thoughts

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Looking for your thoughts

Like everyone else!


I'd love some feed back..

This is a real estate newsletter sent out to potential buyers.  I'm looking to increase opens and calls!!

Any help would be greatly apreciated!





Re: Looking for your thoughts

Hi Brian, 

Thanks for sharing your email! I loved the photos, I wish some had been a little bigger! I grew up on the water in Southeastern CT so I know how pretty waterfront properties can be.


The first thing I noticed about your email is the extra white space in the intro block. I would think about moving your social media icons to the left column and tightening up that block. Too much extra empty space can stop your reader from continuing. I would also make the headers or titles of each block (in red) bold or a larger font to stick out more. If I was scanning through looking for a specific section they are a little hard to see currently. 


Lastly, I would think about making all of the photos the same size and style so the email feels cohesive. Right now you have one with a dotted border, one without a black fade and all the rest are similar.


Great email overall! I love that all of your images are clickable, thats a great way to drive traffic to your site.



Hannah M.
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Re: Looking for your thoughts

I agree with Hannah about the images, you have a little wiggle room and could bump them up a bit.


I will say that I like that you included sections with minimal text so its easy to and quick to read. There is 1 item missing from your campaign and that's a visual link that the reader can easily spot so they can open up the listing info, I clicked on one of the images and it took me to the page. I would just insert some sort of call to action below the text so they know they can view additional information. In example, View More Listing Information.