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Matching Your Organization's Website

Matching Your Organization's Website

In Constant Contact’s Creating Marketing Emails webinar, we discussed the tools you can use to match your email to your organization’s website.

  1. Color Cop: You can use color cop to know the colors in your logo or on your website.  It gives you the color’s exact hex value, which you can easily input into your email’s Global Colors and Fonts.  If you have a PC, this functionality is built in! Look for Applications> Utilities> Digital Color Meter.
  2. Color Schemer Online: Once you know the colors in your logo, you can use this website to determine the colors that compliment your logo's colors. Knowing the complimentary colors to your logo can really help your email achieve a professional look and feel that your customers will instantly recognize.


Check out the Creating Marketing Emails webinar every Wednesday at 4:00pm EST for more design tips or post your questions below! 

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Re: Matching Your Organization's Website

Thanks for sharing with us those great tools Katharine!  I, myself, use Color Cop daily! Everytime I'm helping out a customer with their emails, it is my go-to tool!  And it's FREE! What beats that!?  Nothing!  I've never heard of Color Schemer Online but that is amazing!  It actually gives you complementary colors?  That's a great tool to help customers when they're first getting started!


This makes me wonder what tools our users have found that help them online build their emails and/or websites?  Share with us here!