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My August Newsletter

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Re: My August Newsletter

Hi Traci,


The first thing I noticed about your newsletter is that it is very lengthy. Most people spend an average of 30 seconds skimming online, so you want to keep your content to about the length of 1 printed page.


An easy way to do that would be to condense your information into links. For example, you list upcoming events near the bottom but those are something you want people to see. I would bump that up into a sidebar with a link titled "Upcoming Events". The same goes for testimonials. Testimonials are an important tool since many people rely on those more than advertisements. That could be another link under Upcoming events. You can also apply this to your contact information,services and sponsors.


All the links can lead people right back to your Web site which can help promote you even more. If you're not sure how to link, the constant contact customer support was excellent with teaching me this very useful tool!


My last suggestion would be to move your videos up to the top. People enjoy photos and videos more than anything else and they are sure to catch their attention.


Hope this helps! Best of luck