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My Email Marketing Tips newsletter

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My Email Marketing Tips newsletter

I figured it's only fair if I post my own newsletter here for all to see considering I've given feedback on others.


I send out a weekly newsletter and my subscription base consists of mostly of my own clients who have been subscribers for several years. At the beginning of the year I decided to take a more personal approach to the way I write the content and since then my open rates have improved approximately 18%.


Check it out. I'd love to hear what you guys would want/expect to receive in a newsletter like mine. The example is a campaign I sent out about a week ago.


Click Here To View The Campaign

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Re: My Email Marketing Tips newsletter

Hello Maarit, 


You have put together a great cohesive newsletter!  It is branded to your site and has a great unique layout with how it looks to be an open notepad.  There are only a few suggestions that I would make. 


- It doesn't look like there are Image Descriptions on your images.  By adding these in someone who hasn't downloaded images will see the description and know who it is coming from and hopefully be enticed to download images.  I would recommend putting the image description as Company Name "Email Creatives 101" or "Download images to see the full email!"  You can add this in to the image tag in the code:  alt="Image Description Here"


- I would also recommend making your links open in a new window by adding: target="_blank" to the code for your links.  This way when someone closes the page that they navigated to from your newsletter, your email is still up on the screen without them having to hit the back button in their browser.  


Hope this helps!  


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Re: My Email Marketing Tips newsletter

Hi Samantha,


Thank you for the feedback and I have to giggle a bit because you found the 2 items I neglect in my own newsletter. I love that you dissected the entire piece, I have to say I'm impressed


The version I posted on my server is actually a stripped down campaign. I removed a link I include at the top to access a mobile version and also a the standard "view online" link.


The "blank" option is hit or miss for me, if I remember I insert it and if I don't.... well the campaign gets sent. For my clients campaigns I don't skip them because I follow a check sheet I created for myself which I neglect when I'm doing my own thing. I'll squish them in next week.

And pertaining to the alt tags, I stripped them out some time ago because the container (shell) for the content  doesn't provide any substance to the newsletter other than just making it look pretty so if the images are turned off the subscriber can still see the "guts". As far as the ape picture goes.... that was the first time I inserted one into the campaign, I was testing to see if it would garner a response. I was pleased when people subscribed and said they liked the addition so next campaign will be week three. I'll have to remember to post the image URL as the alt tag.

Again, thanks for taking the time to critique it