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My first enewsletter ever. Comments welcome

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My first enewsletter ever. Comments welcome

Hi all,  I am new to Constant Contact and also this is my first enewsletter.  While I have been a travel planner for quite a while, I haven't been actively emailing all clients at all.  I hope this helps past guests and friends think of me when they plan travel.  Please help me make it amazing!


I'm not really sure how we post a draft.  I did it with a cut and paste and I notice the line below the whale's tale didn't show up with Newsletter info.  I would also prefer the "forward to a friend" button up with the share buttons, but don't know how to make that happen.


THANK YOU everyone for the help.

From: Wendy Schoneberger <>
Subject: Alaska Newsletter - Solo To Group Travel

Solo To Group Travel 603-434-8100
Whale's Tail Alaska

Issue: 107

July 2014
Dear Wendy,

This newsletter focuses on our neighbor to the north.  Alaska, the Last Frontier, is a must see bucket list spot for nearly everyone I talk to this summer.  The questions: Should I see it by land or by sea?  Will we visit in winter or summer?  In luxury or on foot?  Learn a bit about this beautiful land and the amazing array of options that can make your dream a reality.

For the cruiser, between the different companies and ships, not to mention itineraries and cabin choices, making an Alaskan cruise choice can be daunting. Allow me to help you navigate the waters and find the match that's right for you.  Adventurist or luxury seeker, we even have a few cruises where you can have the best of both worlds.


If land adventure is more your style, take a look at land packages for all times of year. Would you like to spend a week hiking McKinley or kayaking around Glaciers?  We can arrange these as small group tours or for independent travel.  The Iditarod Tour, which takes place during the first week of March, was a highlight of our travels in 2014. Read about it here and in my blogs. These are all perfect vacations for a solo traveler as well as for families and other groups.


Do you want the best of both worlds? Maybe a cruise tour will match your needs. With a week or more at sea, add 3-7 days on land. Train tours are the easiest way to see Mount McKinley and Denali National Park. The dome car will assure you see the scenery and abundance of wildlife along the way.


Personalized travel services will help you make an informed choice on how you'd like to explore the Great North and planning help is available at no cost to you. Contact me today to start planning your next adventure to Alaska or other destinations. I hope to hear from you soon.


In This Issue
Alaska Travel Options
One if by Land
Winter Fun Alaska
Alaska Travel Offers
 Visit this link to see specific offers for travel to Alaska this year and next. 
One if by land
Alaska land packaged alone or with a cruise

The sky is the limit.  Join a group or go off on your own.  Do not miss the day.Alaska has something for everyone.  While most first time guests choose to cruise, many return by land.  An Alaskan land tour may consist of the dome train, a motor coach, rental car, motor home or RV rental or simply on foot travel.  While some guests will be met at the airport and escorted throughout their stay,others may choose a combination, having a local contact to help plan out the days activities, but spending time independently doing the things that are of personal interest. 

There are still a few openings for many of these packages in 2014 and it's not too early to make your plans for 2015. Click here for examples of Alaskan packages now on sale. Call today for details. 602-434-8100 or  
Two if by sea.
2014 sailings on sale now.

Cruise ship in portDramatic savings on 2014 sailings now available. For the price conscious, sail Alaska in August starting at under $400 per person including taxes and fees, based on double occupancy. For the discriminating buyer, a limited number of aft facing balcony penthouses can still be found. Imagine watching the dolphins or whales playing in the ship's wake as you sip a glass of wine and eat snacks delivered by your butler.  Call today for your low price guarantee.

Our Price: $400-$8400 per person for a 7 day cruise.
 You decide when where why.  Let me take care of the how.  Call today 603-434-8100 for more information.  

Quick Links
Join Our Mailing List!
Winter Fun
Step out of the Box: Don't just think Summer in Alaska
Wendy in Seward
Wendy in Seward

The climate across Alaska surprises most visitors. During the winter, while the far north sees temperatures as low as 50 below zero (not a typo), Anchorage tends to see temps and precipitation similar to Maine. The weather in Ketchikan and south of Anchorage including the Inside Passage rarely goes much below freezing and is similar to that of sistering cities of Victoria, British Columbia and Seattle, Washington. With rain forests and mountains bordering the sea, the clouds somehow add to the beauty of the seaside towns like Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan, even on a cold and rainy winter day. This is perfect weather for the outdoor enthusiast.  We tried dog sledding, skiing and snow shoeing at Alyeska Resort in February.


With 12 hours of daylight by late February and March, the locals and tourists in Anchorage enjoy the Rhondy Festival with a full carnival, including rides and food vendors, as well as performances, tournaments and family activities. I was shocked to see both cotton candy and sausage trailers next to the ferris wheel in the middle of winter but it works. By the way, those sausages, you can choose between pork or reindeer sausages.


The ice sculptures are more magnificent than any First Night Celebration in the world and, like the sand castle contests of the Atlantic Ocean states, the variety and uniqueness made me want to stroll the streets of downtown Anchorage again and again.


The locals just love a good time. The Rhondy is wrapped up with a Trapper's Banquet where the man with the longest beard is honored. Other guests often wear a beard that night too, just because they can.


On the final day of Rhondy, which happened to coincide with the Iditarod Ceremonial Start, about 3000 participants enter the Running of the Reindeer competition. This event is similar to the Running of the Bulls in Spain but much safer. Tourists, military, high school kids and men and women all have their own start.  They run about five blocks through downtown Anchorage trying to stay ahead of the approaching antlered reindeer running behind them. This event lasts less than an hour, yet several hundred people come out to cheer on the runners who wear anything from fur speedos to super hero costumes. It reminded me a lot of the Bay to Breakers Race in San Francisco each May.


I barely mentioned the main event, The Iditarod Race and a week full of events leading up to the race.  Read about it in my blog.

Thanks for reading.  Feedback is welcome.

 Wendy Schoneberger                 Solo To Group Travel              15 Whitney Grove Derry NH            603-434-8100 

Save $100
Book any Globus Alaska vacation and receive $100 off your final payment.  This may include summer or winter tour packages including the Iditarod Race..  Call for more information.
Offer Expires: July 31, 2014 
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Re: My first enewsletter ever. Comments welcome

It looks nice. However, you can add color to make it look attractive.


Re: My first enewsletter ever. Comments welcome

Hello Wendy,

I think your content is good but I have some suggestions that may make the newsletter stand out a little more.


1.   Do you have a name for your newsletter?  Could be the name of your business. 

2.  I would create a header that includes your newsletter name

3.  What is the frequency of the newsletter?  Is it monthly, quarterly?, etc.  I see you have an issue number

4.  The images are really nice but i would increase the size of the images - they are really nice and as they say - a picture is worth a thousand words!

5.  Your quick links; i would put them in your right sidebar where it says in this issue, etc.

6.   Have you considered asking some of your clients if they would like to contribute a brief article or maybe just have a section of quotes from clients?


Hopefully i didn't overwhelm you with ideas, etc. but these are what came off the top of my head.  Hopefully you find them or some helpful.

Good luck!

Participating Solution Provider

Re: My first enewsletter ever. Comments welcome

Hi Wendy


Pretty good job on your first newsletter!


I’m Brandon of Conscious Commerce, Constant Contact's #1 Rated and Master Certified Solution Provider. I have a few tips which will increase open and click through rates.


Before we get started on your review, I would like you to start thinking of Email and Social Media Marketing drivers of traffic to your website. "Don't spill all your candies in the lobby!" in other words, don't put all the important points in your Email blast because you want the reader to visit your website and potentially book a trip!


Keep the picture at that size or smaller, depending on the length of your email.


1. Shorten Content

• You only have 10 to 20 seconds of attention for many of your newsletter readers, keep your email to no more than one scroll (page and a half max)

• Keep the email to 1 to 3 points (max) if you have more points to communicate, send another email (next week)

• Just have a teaser of what your newsletter with a link to your website or landing page where they can "read more....."

– don’t put your entire newsletter into the email


2. Main feature ad

• Redesign main feature ad, doesn't grab attention - use the "Alaska Newsletter" as the feature...(brief overview, or the 1st few lines of each paragraph)

• Design a feature advertisement for bottom header (maybe a package deal to entice the reader) linked to your website

• Perhaps bring the picture inline with the body of the text or include in Feature Ad, it will jazz up the content!



• Include 2-3 clickable links in every paragraph

• Add Call-to-Action in your feature article (link to your website or landing page where they can "read more.....")

• Link the photo and your company name to the newsletter landing page or your website


If you would like to go into greater detail and have a (FREE) Email Optimization Review (EOR) over the phone, please book a call at


Good luck with your email marketing campaign!





Brandon Klayman

Founder & CEO

Conscious Commerce

Master Certified Constant Contact Partner



p: 403.770.9776


Schedule a call with me goto


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