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My very first mailing just went out...

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My very first mailing just went out...

and naturally I'd like to know what people who have been there & done that think about it.


Follow this link to go have a look, and then tell me... is this OK?  Anything I should do differently?  Anything I should definitely keep?  I have approx 23% opening% I think for 2050 emails or thereabouts, and 50 clicked the central button to go and look at the video.  What to think of those numbers?


Tx & rgds - Chris



Re: My very first mailing just went out...

Hello @ChristoffelC. Congratulations on your first send! For your industry, a 23% open rate is great since average is around 10.64%!


While it's great that you have a button that links to a video that people can click on to view more about this event and see it in action, I'd like to suggest taking a screenshot of the video, insert it as an image and allowing people to click on that to view it. On the Sur Mesure website, there are so many great videos and this way, you can advertise the videos the same way that the website does. 


Also, I like how you have contact information at the bottom of the email with a picture of yourself. It really personifies who I would be receiving this email from. However, your Gmail address isn't clickable so I wouldn't have an easy way to reach out to you at that address. I would defintely suggest making this linkable for a future email. 


When I clicked the top image of the email, it brought me to your personal business page which confused me a little since I was expecting to go to the Sur Mesure website. You could still advertise your business page, maybe in the contact block you created, but I would make sure to keep this separate from the rest of the email that focuses on Sur Mesure. 


Overall, I really like the cleanliness of the email. It's easy to focus on the content that you have put into it since I am not distracted by any clashing colors. Again, congratulations on your first sent email!

Caitlin M.
Community & Social Media Support

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Re: My very first mailing just went out...

Thanks for your feedback Caitlin, very valid, points, all of them.  I had already found out about the video thumbnail but too late to use it in that mail, but will definitely keep that in mind.  Linking the e-mail address..., didn't even think of that, I'll remember it now.  And I'm happy you told me where that link to my own business is, I knew it was there because I had a look at the stats and the clicks, but I couldn't figure out where it was.  Rgds - Chris

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Re: My very first mailing just went out...

Hi Chris,


Congratulations on your first mailing. Pushing the "Send" button on that first effort is a big step, but it makes it possible for you to send the second one. :smileyface:


I like the look and length of the piece. In addition to the points that were already brought up, I did wonder who this message was for. Near the end of the piece, there is a soft call to action (bookings for next season). So, I presume this message is targeted to potential venues and exhibitors rather than the general public.


If that's true, I'd suggest you could use the "subject" and "preheader" fields to let those potential customers know that this email contains an opportunity for them. This will help them know that there is a payoff for them to reading about the current exhibition season.


To build on that, look at your text: there are a couple of great opportunities there to link back to the "contact" section of your Web page, where the booking information is listed. (On the Web page, you might want to add an anchor to the CONTACT line. Or if you prefer to let your visitor go top to bottom, that's okay, too.) It does not hurt at all to link more than one set of words to the same Web site. Different viewers are motivated by different needs.


Really great first email, Chris! Good luck with the new position.




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