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Need Ideas/ Please Critique My Email

Need Ideas/ Please Critique My Email

Hi Everyone!


My name is Angela, I work for an office furniture company that deals with New and Preowned furniture.


We are looking for another way to reach our customers. We have done a few emails now and are just not getting the open rate we were hoping for.


Would love any ideas or advice.Feb. Newsletter




-Angela Crumrine

Front Desk Office Furniture

CTCT Employee

Re: Need Ideas/ Please Critique My Email

Congratulations! I believe you did well! Please see below a list of PROS and CONS:




  1. Physical Address - Your email includes your company's physical address
  2. Brand Logo - You included your company logo right at the top of the email.
  3. Branded Colors - You successfully used background colors to highlight your brand.
  4. Block Length - Your copy blocks are short and sweet.
  5. Text Emphasis - You successfully used bold, italics, or bullets to highlight your message



  1. Image Size - Some images are larger than 250KB or wider than 610 pixels. Image sizes play a big role in how well your email displays for your contacts. On a big monitor, wide images can fill the screen for a big impact. But since so many people are now using mobile devices to read email, images should be sized appropriately. Keep the file sizes small to allow quick display, and fix the width at or under 610 pixels.
  2. Image Links - Improve reader engagement by linking your images. You don’t have to link every image in your email, but you should link all the important ones. Here is how: Make an image a clickable link
  3. Do you have Social Sites?High-scoring emails include links to company Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages.

 I hope this helps. Keep up the good work!!


Thanks & regards,


Juan Ramirez
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Re: Need Ideas/ Please Critique My Email

I like how it is short and sweet...


Like mentioned before, I would like your banner to be a higher definition.

And I would love for the "New, used, buy, sell" to be 4 links that take you to 4 pages.