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Newsletter Redesign

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Newsletter Redesign

Hi All:

I post a newsletter here a few weeks ago, and, after having it ripped apart, I went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned our newsletter.  The first onee was sent out a few moment ago.  I'm tracking the results on Hootsuite and it looks good so far. Tell me what you think:


The Garden News - Issue 12.10


Re: Newsletter Redesign

Hi John!


I think your updated newsletter looks great! Two quick tips I have are to make your company logo a clickable link to your website and insert a forward to a friend button.


Great job!


Re: Newsletter Redesign

I Like the CHIMPS!  That's hilarious.  I don't really like the Yellow Background.  Just me.

The tips are great.  Prices on the side are good.  
Nicely done! 

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