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Opera Workshop Info - Please review

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Re: Opera Workshop Info - Please review


Great email, thanks for sharing! I love the colors you have chosen, they make reading the email very easy and they compliment your images well. 


I have a couple of small suggestions. First, in the left sidebar there is some empty space toward the top. I would consider filling this area with images or even taking your social media icons and making them larger. You could stack them on top of each other (instead of side by side) to fill the space. I would also keep the same color in the sidebar all the way down the email to make it flow. Right now the break in colors makes the sidebar feel like different emails.


Great image on the right, its a nice way to break up the text! The only other thing I would think about removing is the empty space at the bottom of the email. You can usually go into the block and delete it out, let me know if you have any trouble with that. 


Thanks again for sharing, I hope these suggestions help!

Hannah M.
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Re: Opera Workshop Info - Please review

Thanks so much Hannah!



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Re: Opera Workshop Info - Please review

Dear Peter,


Thank you for posting your email on this site.  Your subject is exciting and the email looks wonderful.  My only suggestion is to shorten the text.  I know there is too much information to provide and when people see a long email most probably they will leave it for later to read.  One suggestion is to link the text after the first few paragraphs to your website, perhaps under your blog.  This will raise your SEO in some ways due to people clicking on your website to read the rest of the text and it also shortens the email and gives it a better look.  I hope this is helpful and good luck.  I am on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. 


Z-Office Online

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Re: Opera Workshop Info - Please review

Thank you so much for your feedback!!


The exact reason I put so much info in the email because of the poor "click" rates I always received.... But I see your point, maybe "cuiriousity" will actually be a factor! :smileyface:


I will try that at the next mailing!


Again, thank you so much for your encouragement and good thoughts!


All the best,



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Re: Opera Workshop Info - Please review

Peter you stated a click through rate observation that a lot of people ignore which is that one newsletters just don't garner a lot of clickthroughs however the open rates are higher than industry averages.


I've had a few clients who have newsletter that contain lengthy articles, and if someone were to print the email it would take up 3-4 sheets of paper. Although I don't always think this is wise it tends to work for certain subscriber bases.


As an example, one newsletter in particular I code and format contains interior design and architecture information. After several months of testing we found that subscribers were more responsive when the email contained the full article with images versus a few paragraphs with a read more. On the other hand... I have another client who offers health tips and recipes and we found that her subscribers preferred to read the full article on her web site because they were more likely to comment below it.


So I woud say do some A/B testing and play around with the formatting. Rather than just going to the shortened version with the read more on all of your article posts, I would do only 1 or 2 and monitor the click through report to see if people followed through. Try it for a few weeks and if you see improvement, then do a few rounds of campaigns where all articles have the read more. Then will have solid evidence what works with your subscribers.


And in closing... You could always add a little note in the email asking your subscribers to tell you which method they prefer by replying with their opinion.