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Our 1st Newsletter--Comments please

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Our 1st Newsletter--Comments please

We have used cards/promo letters for our business for years.  This is our first attempt at a newsletter (we are considering doing one quarterly).  We have attempted to do more engaging instead of selling in this one since that was one of the suggestions I picked up at the Constant Contact training I attended earlier this year.  We are also attempting to stay with the green/brown themes that match our company logo and website. 


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Re: Our 1st Newsletter--Comments please



I thought your email looked great!


I loved the placement of your social media icons. Very creative!


Good use of the coupon at the bottom of your email.


I would suggest a different font as the one you're using is quite standard.


I hope this helps,


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Re: Our 1st Newsletter--Comments please

Great day,

I think you have a really good newsletter. I am a Constant Contact Partner, as one thing I've learned while doing these newsletters is you only have a few minutes to get your point across to your consumer. I know you said you only want to send out your newsletter quarterly but it could be beneficial to you to make this one email into 4. Each segment of this email can be sent out say, Every Tuesday, to your clients. Rather than sending one long email, you have the opportunity to keep your audience engaged in your business and the capability to create repeat customers. I hope this helps, and if you don't have the time to create several emails during the month, if you are interested, we are available to assist you in maintaining you newsletters for you. Just call our design line at 267-717-9112. Thanks and great luck, Maryam of Faaizah Movement of Art & Design

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Re: Our 1st Newsletter--Comments please

I like your newsletter, attractive and easy to navigate.  I would suggest hiring a proofreader before sending out.  I found about a half a dozen errors.