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Please Critique Guesthouse Email Newsletter

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Please Critique Guesthouse Email Newsletter

I am a new member and have made my first pass at designing our first newsletter.  I am not sure what additional articles or verbage to add.  Please critique our newsletter and let us know your thoughts..  Thank you in advance.


 Gary Beckler

Participating Solution Provider

Re: Please Critique Guesthouse Email Newsletter

Hi Gary;

I like the over all look.

First, I wouldn't say 1 guest room even if it is only 1 - people may not bother checking it out assuming that it would be filled prior to them calling. Second, I would use the spell checker on your text.

As for additional content I suggest links to area attractions and things to do - especially if there are large festivals or something exciting happening in the area, a mini-map of where you are might prove beneficial as well. If there is an outdoor patio area, you might want to show a small picture of that. Also history about the guesthouse is also intriguing to readers. These are suggestions and not necessary, however if you create a longer description of say - the history - you can have a 'read more' link for people to read the whole story - this will give you something to track as far as interest after you send your email campaign.

It's a good start.




Debi Katsmar
PRowl Communications
2013-2018 Certified Solution Provider
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Occasional Participant

Re: Please Critique Guesthouse Email Newsletter

Unclear: is the the whole house, or are you sharing your house?  

Also, you have an unused image space on your sidebar.  But, you haven't finished this yet...

You may want to re-post when you are finished...

Andi Johnson
Occasional Participant

Re: Please Critique Guesthouse Email Newsletter

Nice way to tie in the color palette and maintain visual consistency throughout. That helps reinforce your brand. The name of your business (green) and the tagline are both blurry. It should be crisp - have your designer redo that graphic at the very top.


Also the green bar with the stacked text of address, etc. is wasting vertical space. You could tidy up things by simply letting the address be a smaller font and run horizontally (in other words don't add breaks like you would see on an envelope for address).