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Please Critique Me!

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Please Critique Me!

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Re: Please Critique Me!

Wow! Thanks for posting in the Community!


Your email looks awesome. It's just the right length and you have got some great information included.


A couple of suggestions for you. I would consider matching the pink to the header more so the email flows better. Also, I think the pink text may be hard to read for some users so I would suggest keeping all the text black while pulling your pink in the titles of each block. It looks like the right column of your email is stretched out a little. Try putting in text instead of the URL to bring this back to regular size. You might consider removing the URL all together since you have the Facebook button right below!


I am happy to help with any of these edits, just let us know!


Thanks again for sharing, I look forward to seeing you around. 

Hannah M.
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Re: Please Critique Me!

Looks good! In my opinion its a little too long/wordy. I'm someone who recieves a lot of newsletters/promotional emails from companies and I don't spend much time reading each. Maybe consider less words, just some pictures with a few words describing and links to more information. Maybe your target customer spends more time reading but this is just a sggestion based on my situation. 


Other than that the email looks cute! Good job! :smileyhappy:

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Re: Please Critique Me!

Its friendly, warm & upbeat, and i like the pink too, its very sweet.


You have a typo on the word tab header "Frangrances' should be fragrance, but you may have already seen that. Best wishes, happy new year!