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Please Critique My Campaign: Newsletter

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Please Critique My Campaign: Newsletter




I'm "re-booting" my non-profit after ~3 years of reduced operations (I had 3 strokes, but I'm back online).


This link is to the newsletter that I used to reconnect to clients and supporters that we'd had contact with before the slowdown.


I would value your feedback.  It launched to ~300 addresses 5.5 hours ago.  So far, I have:


29.8% Opens

8.1% CTR

1.4% Forward

50 Bounces (which I expected given the age of our database)

1 Opt Out



Thank you all very much!




CTCT Employee

Re: Please Critique My Campaign: Newsletter

Hello @BuddyK0


First, welcome back!  We hope that you are doing well.  Second, your open rates so far seem great, Congratulations!  Here are some recommendations about your campaign: 


  • The newsletter is on the longer side.  If this is what your contacts are expecting, then I would say continue doing what you are doing. You might want to test out shorter articles or a shorter newsletter with links to "read more" or "more articles" to see if you get a higher CTR.  These links could go to your site or to a document that you host in the library.  
  • I like the 2-column layout for your newsletter, you have used the sidebar to your advantage.  I might recommend trying to "even-up" the columns though to maximize the space.  This could help to shorten the campaign slightly (depending on content). For example, the Google Adwords Grant or the Prayer Request at the end could be moved to the left column. 
  • Utilize all images as clickable links.  It looks like some of your images are clickable links, but not all of them.  While you do not necessarily need all of your images to be clickable the images in Kinghts' Quest TV could be clickable to the YouTube page.  

If you need any help with any of the above tasks, let us know and we can give you some step by step instructions.  

Occasional Contributor

Re: Please Critique My Campaign: Newsletter



Thanks!  Since this was my first newletter in about 3 years I was catching folks up on a number of fronts.


The YouTube channel has not gone live....yet, so I didn't link directly to it.  I'll send a targetted email when it does, hopefully next week. (Still editting videos!)


I will be "balancing the two columns" on the next one!  I hadn't noticed/thought of that. THANKS!


THANK YOU, again!  You folks are out-STAC-u-lar!