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Please Critique our Newsletter.

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Please Critique our Newsletter.



I work in online higher education and we create a monthly newsletter for students and faculty. Our open rate has been hovering right around 18% and we're looking for ways to improve. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.




CTCT Employee

Re: Please Critique our Newsletter.



Thanks for posting your email to be Critiqued!  First off, great job on your email, you have engaging content, great images (I like the Action Items image that you have), and you have branded your email colors to match the colors in your logo.  Here are a few recommendations that I have to see if it can help bump up your open rate:


 - Make all of your images clickable links - it looks like just the calendar image is linked, but adding links to all of your images, even if it directs to just your main website can help to improve your stats.


 - You link to the web page version in your email (which is great!), what about trying the permission reminder, and putting in something like "Make sure to download images to see the full email/newsletter"


 - Try testing out some different Subject lines.  For this email your subject line was "Don't Miss Out on Summer Financial Aid!" Some other options would be: "Have you applied for Summer Financial Aid yet?" or "Tips on applying for Summer Financial Aid"  The subject line is one of the most important pieces when trying to increase opens, as that is how you can entice your contacts to open your email.  Here are some tips for your subject line, and some more tips on improving open rates.  


Keep up the great job on your emails, and I hope this has helped! 


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Re: Please Critique our Newsletter.

I thought it was very well layed out. I liked the graphic colors. 

It looked interesting and the links worked.

Good job!