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Please Help!


Please Help!

Looking for feedback on our payroll newsletter....we haven't put one out in awhile and looking to relaunch it


Re: Please Help!

The above is actually an older version of the newsletter im attaching the newer version here...


This version distorts the email a little but I hope you can get the overall idea and feel

CTCT Employee

Re: Please Help!



Great job with your email! I love that you have incorporated the color from the header image throughout your email.  There are only a few things that I would suggest: 

  1. The email is a little long.  If possible I would try to shorten it up a little.  You use Read more links in your articles, and might be able to shorten the part of the article visible in your email, to help with the length
  2. Your images do not have image descriptions on them.  This is a great thing to have, so your customers will be able to see this text before they download images.  To add image descriptions you can double click on the image and then to the left of the dimensions of your image you will see a field to fill in for Image Description. 


Hope this helps!

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Re: Please Help!

Liked the "In This Issue" summary at top left and will do the same for our newsletter. Very informative. Would more commentary, as opposed to reporting, add interest and motivate interaction? Our resource library of IRS acronyms now includes about 450 entries--and I added WOTC to it tonight thanks to visiting your newsletter! If we can be of help with these, please let me know.

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Re: Please Help!

Great design day Len,


I really like your newsletter. I have one suggestion whick I hope will help your newsletter flow better. I think you should have your twitter, linkedN and blog buttons line up underneath one another vertically rather than horizontally. Doing such will clear out the middle white space you have and will give your newsletter the extra kick it needs to be read! Great articles!

Great luck. If you have any other design needs feel free to contact our design line 267-712-9112 est. Truly designing, Faaizah Graphic Design!

Solution Provider

Re: Please Help!

Your e-mail contains a lot of useful information but I agree with others that i would split it in several newsletters. Here are some other observations: 

  1. I would probably make the images in the right hand bar a notch smaller so that more text appears next to the image
  2. It seems that the large images from FAQ and Contact us are breaking the design
  3.  I clicked on the "contact us" link and your contact page contains images that are not uploaded to a secure area. While that is not a really security issue, you may confuse visitors because a security warning bar appears at the bottom of the page alerting visitors to the fact that not all content is secure. Basically, all images need to be linked with "https". Talk to your web designer for help with this.
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Re: Please Help!

Hi - I looked at both versions of your email and agree that your branding looks great.  The newsletters are both a little long so I would try to focus on one or two topics for each newsletter depending on how often you send them.  You have so much to write about so save it for greater impact on a stand alone newsletter!  Also, you might want to put your contact information right at the top maybe under your logo so readers can easily contact you and not have to scroll down.  Hope this is helpful!