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Please critique my campaign!

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Please critique my campaign!

Hi - this campaign was created for a client and released today.  You can click on the email link below and then click through to see the Social Campaign.  Would love some feedback as to how we can make the most of social campaigns and branding email marketing with social media.  Thanks so much! 

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Re: Please critique my campaign!



Thought the email and social campaign worked well together. NIce consistence with images between the two. What did you think of social campaigns? How was the response?




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Re: Please critique my campaign!

I think it looks good, but you really have to dig to figure out what these doorstops do or what makes them special. The picture alone doesn't communicate to me.  Perhaps the video explains it, but not everyone will have time to watch it.  If someone is interested enough to follow you to FB, more explanation there might be wise.

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Re: Please critique my campaign!

Thanks so much Sara - fortunately this went out to customers of the Vegas Doorstops so they are aware of the product!  Thank you for taking the time to critique this!  It is always great to have a new set of eyes look things over.  I appreciate it.