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Please critique my email


Please critique my email

Your feedback on the following email is greatly appreciated. 


How's the layout, content, links?  Any suggestions to improved the newsletter will help me.



Jana Hathorne

Midlothian ISD

Public Relations Coordinator

Occasional Participant

Re: Please critique my email



Good Start, Jana.  I noticed that you have your "back to school" website as a link.  I'm thinking the list below is on that website.

Then, I go down further to your calendar and notice some of those links are the same as listed in your center section.  Perhaps you could combine them?

Maybe a few more graphics, photos would enhance your a little playful?



Andi Johnson

Re: Please critique my email

Thank you.

All Star

Re: Please critique my email

Hi from Maryland. Visually the content  appears short and concise. I agree - add photos for action & color or to recap an event. Maybe you can create a Photobucket account (or similar upload website) and link to it for slideshows? Nice job!


Re: Please critique my email

Hi Jana!


Great newsletter! You do a nice job keeping it short (ideal length is 3-5 topics). Also, you assist the readers in scanning your email by using bullets and bolding important sections so they can easily digest all your content. My one suggestion is to make your images clickable links. For example, your logo to the homepage and the B2S logo to the Back-to-School website. Making images clickable is a great way to drive traffic to your website(s).


If you still have questions, Constant Contact offers a free Newsletter Makeover webinar that you can register for here.