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Please critique my email


Please critique my email

Please critique my email below:


Intended for governemnt agencies addressing cost savings by GPS tracking.  Any suggestions & feedback appreciated.  Thanks!

Trusted Contributor

Re: Please critique my email

Hi Thomas -


Thanks for sharing your newsletter.  You appear to have some great case studies.  I might think a future newsletter (or a series) could highlight some specific details of one of these to capture the reader's attention and leave them wanting to know how it all turns out? Driving them to click through to that specific study and then including the link to others?


Your first link at the top takes people to a site other than yours?  Could you move this down so that the first call to action is getting them to your site and information - unless it's one of the reasons people look to you for this update and the click throughs show engagement??  Don't want to change this if it's something people rely on you for?


Also, I might look to add a few more pictures to break up the text?



Rosalind Morville

Re: Please critique my email

Thanks for the help, will incorporate your suggestions!