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Please critique my volunteer email

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Please critique my volunteer email

This is such a great community topic!  I could use some critique of the weekly email we send out to our volunteer base.  We have been using the same format for years because we try to be consistent, but it is getting old.  The purpose of this email is to announce volunteer opportunities and special events as well as engage people in effort to gain their support.  Here is a link to the email I created last week:


I also have some formatting questions.  I was not happy with the placement of the photos in the left column, but couldn't figure out how to wrap the text.  Does anyone know how to do this?  Is there anyway to add an attractive box around the "Sap of the Day" or "Tree...Ed" without just changing the background color?


Thanks in advance for your help and criticism!


Susan Pierce

Trees Atlanta



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Re: Please critique my volunteer email

I like your email a lot.  To have the picture feel more integrated, insert it just before the first letter of the first word in that box.  Then right click the image, and select alignment - left.  Then it will allow the words to wrap around the picture.  Hope that helps a little.

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Re: Please critique my volunteer email

Hi Susan,


I am really happy with this community topic too!


I love your newsletter and find that the copywriting is exceptional.  The list of 10 items at the bottom right is very effective.


Another thing you could do to spruce up the "Sap of the Day" and "Tree...Ed" would be to make the text green for these.   This would really add to the ambience of nature.



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Re: Please critique my volunteer email

I love your email.  It's bright, cheerful, great pics and made me want to read it.  I did actually read it.

I did have to admit that the Pabst ad made me wonder.   I noticed the list first because I read down the first column and read up the list going up the right hand side.  Maybe that was just me, though.


As for photo additions, I would edit with Picasa which has a bunch of great features, like frames.


Love what you do!


Andi Johnson
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Re: Please critique my volunteer email

Thank you for the helpful comments!