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Please critique our recent flyer

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Please critique our recent flyer


Please critique and give feedback, thank you :smileyface:


Re: Please critique our recent flyer

Hi Claire,


Your campaign looks very clean and organized! From a design aspect, your use of only a few colors and typefaces helps this email flow smoothly. I only have a few minor suggestions for you:

  • The Blog icon in the header has been pushed below all of the other social media icons due to space constraints. This disrupts the flow by creating too much whitespace in the header. I would suggest widening the right column a bit to fit them all on one line.
  • I would also suggest adding a quick blurb under the heading "Clean & Organize This Summer..." elaborating on why this email is useful to your viewer. Maybe something along the lines of "Increase your employee efficiency and productivity with a more organized inventory system. Our wide selection of new and used shelving units will transform your warehouse into a well-oiled machine - and with these low prices, now is the perfect time to buy! Call your sales rep today and see how your newly organized space can boost your bottom line." (Okay, this might sound a bit cheesy. Lol. You know your customers though, so just think of what they look for in a product.)
  • Lastly, the "Save 40-60% off of New!" and "Why Buy New????" section was a bit confusing at first. I thought the 40-60% off of New meant you had a promotion going for new units. I would suggest rewording it to "40-60% Lower Prices than New Units." It could just be me, though. Haha.

Other than that, I think your campaign looks great! Very professional, easy to read, and a good balance between images and text. Great job!

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Re: Please critique our recent flyer

Thank you very much! I appreciate it