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Please help with this beautiful newletter

Occasional Contributor

Please help with this beautiful newletter

Good evening,

I got this email from Our Sunday Visitor. I like it a lot but don't know how they do it so beautiful. Can someone tell me how they do it? Sorry, i don't have a lot of experience but am willing to learn.

Thank you, Lucy

From the editorial staff of OSV Newsweekly 

Catholic universities see value of single-sex housing

How free are clergy to discuss politics from pulpit?

In Focus: How to defend your faith (without raising your voice)

Holding Obama to his conscience protection pledge

Catholic insight on today's headlines

Which Christmas Mass are you attending?

Celebrate the real Santa today

President Obama on the meaning of Christmas

Where else will you find The Muppets and The Anchoress in one post?

What is your favorite Christmas music?
Setting boundaries on campus

By Emily Stimpson

Last fall, Catholic University made the decidedly counter-cultural announcement that beginning in the 2011-12 school year, its two-decade-old policy of coed residence halls would come to an end. That decision has reopened a discussion that many in the world of higher education believed had long since ended, namely: Is there value to single-sex living on college campuses?

Critics of Catholic University’s decision say “no,” that single-sex housing is a relic of a time when women’s educational and professional opportunities were severely limited by social mores and, as such, should be left in the past.

Equipping and energizing Catholics to witness to the age

by John Norton
Our founder's words remain just as true today as they were a century ago: "People cannot truly engage in Catholic action unless they be informed, and there is no other national popular informative paper in our land than OUR SUNDAY VISITOR.”


Steve JobsHow free are clergy to discuss politics from pulpit?
votingThe upcoming presidential election raises a seemingly perennial question: What can clergy in the pulpit and Catholic nonprofits say about politics without fear of IRS retribution?

"We’re trying to get into heaven here, not take the SATs!"
— Stephen Colbert, joking about the new translation of the Roman Missal on Comedy Central’s “Colbert Nation.”

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Lockwood: 'They are the magi'

Austrian bishops try to tamp down dissent

Mannion: Use of the chalice

Catholic Dictionary

Catholic Q&A: 'Is Advent a penitential season?'

Catholic meditation from My Daily Visitor

Parish Life
Parish Life is an e-newsletter designed with parish leaders in mind. Resources for the church year, news you can use, inspiration for your faith, and something for your bulletin, all drawn from OSV's solidly Catholic resources, will arrive in your inbox every month. See a sample here.
Teaching Catholic Kids
Teaching Catholic Kids draws from a wealth of Our Sunday Visitor resources to help you make sure your kids love being Catholic! You'll find activities for the younger set, discussion suggestions for the older kids, and support for parents and teachers. Updated for December!

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Re: Please help with this beautiful newletter

Hi! This is Cathy from Our Sunday Visitor. Thank you for the compliment!

Our enewsletter was designed specially for us; we do not use a Constant Contact template for it. (Although we do use the templates for many other emails.)

Thanks again!

Occasional Contributor

Re: Please help with this beautiful newletter

Thank you Cathy ! You do a GREAT job! Coudl you please tell me what program do you use to do your enewsletter? I work at a Church and woudl like to learn how to do these beautiful ecommunications? Is it Illustrator? Photoshop? Thank you for any advice you can give me. God bless you, Lucy

Occasional Participant

Re: Please help with this beautiful newletter

The enewsletter is created in Dreamweaver (graphics are done in Photoshop) and we copy the code to Constant Contact.

Thanks for your interest!


Re: Please help with this beautiful newletter

Hi -

Where do you find the code to copy to CC?

It seems more effective and easier to create newsletters in another program and then upload to CC, as CC templates don't offer flexibility for customization. Does anyone agree?


Occasional Participant

Re: Please help with this beautiful newletter

We had an outside designer create the email design and provide us with the 'template' code.

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