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Please review our February Church Newsletter

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Please review our February Church Newsletter

I'm submitting my newsletter link to ask some very capable person to review it and provide feedback. You can find the newsletter at the following link:


Church Newsletter - February 2013


The company logo is very blurry. It is a .jpg document type. Not sure what to do to give it more sharpness.



Thank you so much,




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Re: Please review our February Church Newsletter

Hi Evelyn!


Thanks for sharing but your URL isn't working.  


Here are the steps for locating and posting your campaign in this board to be critiqued!  Let us know when it's working again!

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Re: Please review our February Church Newsletter

Thanks for giving it a try. Does this link work any better? The first was set to open a new window and may failed to work for you.


February Newsletter


Re: Please review our February Church Newsletter

Hi Evelyn,

Thanks for sharing your link again!  Your email is great and easy to follow along.  You did a good job of filling in the left column with content that is easy to read and scan through.


The first suggestion I would make are to try bringing the yellow from the footer up into the email more. You could also think about using the yellow as more of an accent color and making the footer blue to make the email feel cohesive.  It looks like there is some extra space in your greeting block that could be removed as well.


You have a good number of links to PDF’s but we suggest also making all of your images clickable links. Do you have a website or blog you could make these images direct to? If not, you could always make the links go to the calendar or email address.  I also see that you have included an email address in the “Video Bible Lessons” section. You can make this a clickable mailto link!


Hope this helps,

Hannah M.
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