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Please take a look!


Please take a look!

Hello!  About to send out my first email blast for my company.  We are a whole sale printing company that sell to the re-sell industry. 


This email is being sent to our current customer base.  We acquired these emails based off there permission for communicating back and forth on jobs and emailing statements.  While they were not informed that they would be receiving a light email marketing campaign, I felt it was still appropriate.


I'd love thoughts on how this flyer looks, and any suggestions!  Just want to make sure it looks coherent and professional!



CTCT Employee

Re: Please take a look!

Hello Daniel,


I would be happy to assist you with this. Sending to your contacts that have opted into to mail from you, but did not have the expectation of receiving a newsletter from you, should be okay. However, I would suggest adding a permission reminder, to reassure your customers why they are receiving this message.


As for your message, I would suggest removing the dashed link around the image. Also I would suggest adding a light background color to your email, adding a background color should make your text a little easier to read.

Andrew H.

Tier 3 Support Specialist
Solution Provider

Re: Please take a look!

Hi Daniel

Love the graphics!


The fine print on the logo is difficult to read. Make it a bit larger.


What does "Check Your Dater" mean?


Try a different color combination between the red text - Our Promotional Flyer to You! - and the grey background to get better contrast/readability.


Add padding around the text in the second box.



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