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Revamped, single column - what do you think?

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Revamped, single column - what do you think?



It's so easy to just keep cranking out the same look with each new e-newsletter. Your readers are accustomed to the look but can you tell the difference between one issue and the next? Can your readers?


I recently changed our two column to a single column, trimmed some of the regular (repetitive) features and tried to shorten the number of topics in each issue.






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Re: Revamped, single column - what do you think?



It's great that you are experimenting with different templates & layouts. 
A few notes about the email.

  • The colors used portray your brand well.
  • The email is wide, making a horizontal scroll necessary.  This is happening because the header image is 684 pixels wide.  Also, the Premier Corporate Sponsor logos are stretching the template even wider.
  • The content would lend itself more to a two-column layout with a Table of Contents block labeled "Upcoming Events" as there is a lot of events in this one email.
  • The call to action (Registering for the events) is lost in all the information.  It's recommended to change the Registration link to another color & make it bold to make it stand out more.
  • Most of the sponsor images within the email are grainy.  You can use picnik within Constant Contact to resize the images for better clarity.
  • Lots of different fonts & font sizes - should try to be consistent.
  • Congratulations on being an All Star!
Kim Doherty
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Re: Revamped, single column - what do you think?

Awesome. Thank you. Dave