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Subject Line Suggestions

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Subject Line Suggestions

Hey all,


I have a previous thread going asking for some help with subject lines. Below is this weeks blog/ newsletter that I'm trying to create a better subject line for. My subject lines are hit or miss and I'd like to start getting a consistent open rate. 


Thanks for your help.


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Re: Subject Line Suggestions



I read someplace that a subject line that begins with an action verb is a good place to start. This is more difficult that it sounds. With regard to your subject line here, if I were to receive the e-mail I would delete w/o opening because I'm pretty sure higher interest rates won't affect my personal finances, but could I be wrong? So what about telling me how I'll be affected rather than asking me how I'll be affected. I'm not a financial genius. But, then we get into audiences; maybe your audience does know. Just one guy's opinon.


Re: Subject Line Suggestions

remember to tell me why I need this.... Why do you want me to open it???  What benefit will it have to me??  Answer those questions and you will see a more consistant open rate...



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Re: Subject Line Suggestions

I agree with the comment about starting with an action verb, for example 'will higher interest rates affect your wallet?'


Hope that helps. 



p.s. I would appreciate if you could reciprocate the favor and look briefly through my post about critique needed for an educational financial services newsletter. 

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Re: Subject Line Suggestions

I realized that my example about starting with an action verb may not be accurate. Asking a question almost forces us to start with a modal verb and may not be as strong as actual action verb. Starting the subject line with an action verb may be more powerful if we constructed the sentence in an affirmative form, for example: 'stop interest rates from affecting your wallet' or something in that nature. 

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Re: Subject Line Suggestions

I think people love numbers.  You might try 3 ways to save BIG on interest rates! Check out 3 ways to impact your finacial freedom! Just a thought