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Suggestions for my campaign please, thank you


Suggestions for my campaign please, thank you

From: The Malcolm Center <**Removed by Moderator**>
Subject: Last week to suscribe to these great events!!!
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Private sessions with Master Javier Malcolm through out Phòsprana Light:
dates: may 29 th through june 3 of  2014
Event:The Phôsprana Light (new in Mèxico)
date: June 1 2014

Event: Inner Peace to be Happy 
date: June 1 2014

Mexico City
Why should I attend private sessions?
Schedules: May 29th through June 3
Schedules: 9-1 y 4-9 pm
Lasts: one hour
Please be there 10 mins before your session.
You will be able to work directly with Master Javier, and solve and professional and personal skills.


A plus with the Phòsprana treatment.






The Phôsprana Light 
Light is the Original Healer

Lobes of your Brain and your Pineal Gland, increasing your Creativity and Skills, experiencing Peace of Mind, a sense of Beautiful and Profound Balance, a more Centered Self and a New Hope.

Phôsprana Light® is the Most Powerful Tool to Conquer The Monkey Mind, Emotional Instability, Anxiety, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Depression, Confusion, Lack Of Energy, Feeling Of Loneliness, Low Self-Esteem, Anger, etc.

Phôsprana Light®, will take you, where no one has gone before.

Science recognizes the great value and importance of Light.



Sunday June 1st 2014
Schedule:10-14 hrs.
(please bring a bottle of water and confortable clothes)

Please reserve before May 30th

Inner Peace to be Happy

 Valuable tools for our soul to experience inner peace in our every day life.
Why is it important?
When there is a lot of tension, stress, worries, sadness, anger,  a sense of loneliness, our vibration changes, and we tend to get sick or feel insecure.
All this can be solved through these valuable tools you can practice and experience change in your lives.

Now brought to our western world techniques that were once shared for monks and high
initiates will given.




Sunday June lst. 2014
Schedule: 17-21 hrs.
(please bring 3 fruits and comfortable clothes)

Please reserve before May 29th.

Javier Malcolm Padoani

Javier Malcolm was born in Mexico City on November 12 of 1957.

Since young, Javier Malcolm was chosen to experience and follow a very Spiritual life.

In Mexico City he studies Law and he becomes a very successful lawyer practicing this profession for several years.

At the same time, Javier Malcolm was a teacher at the University, but always with a great love and devotion for the Spiritual life, and that feeling turns to be the first meaning of his life.

Javier Malcolm stops practicin

Tel. in Mexico City
552 697 6293
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 Comparte èste con amigos, familiares, colegas. Gracias
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Some day all of us will once again be brothers and sisters

Javier Malcolm P
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Re: Suggestions for my campaign please, thank you

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