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Take a look at my mailing please

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Take a look at my mailing please

 I would really love it if you all could critique my mailing and give me some tip son open rate and such. 




Re: Take a look at my mailing please

Hello @HeidiP6. Your campaign contains a lot of great information but you have successfully organized it so each piece of news is in its own section. I also love how when you say there is a meeting or event, you put in the exact location as to where it is. One thing I would like to recommend is to add a few additional images, such as a picture of the large amount of food boxes that you were able to donate. It would help to break up the text and add a personal touch to the campaign. 


I also tried going to your website but didn't see a convenient link in the email. You can maybe make your banner clickable or add a simple button or link at the top of your campaign, directing your contacts to your website. While I was on your website, I saw you had a link for giving. I would try to put this link in your email as well. Make it stand out by using a button!


Finally, it seems like you don't share your campaigns on your Facebook page. This is something that I would definitely suggest as it allows those who might not be signed up for your campaigns to see be informed as to what is going on. Sharing on Facebook also gives them the opportunity to join your mailing list by clicking on the link at the top of the campaign. 


I'll also include a few links about improving your open rate. Your subject line for these types of campaigns only highlight one piece. Maybe change it to something like UUCP Compass: Week of October 23rd so your contacts will know that there is much more to your campaign than one featured part.


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Re: Take a look at my mailing please

Wow. Thank you so much for the tips, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

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