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Teachde eBulletin 1/1/2012

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Teachde eBulletin 1/1/2012

We are looking for ways to make our newsletter better.  I am open for any and all ideasI

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Re: Teachde eBulletin 1/1/2012

Hi Micheal,


The email is "ok" and perhaps might benefit from providing more information at the top, to inform readers about what the content is so they don't have to scroll down.  This can be accomplished with a table of contents.  Also, consider designing the template to match your website, including the navigation bar.  By doing so, you encourage people to go to your website and increase engagement - it also seems that the social media sharebar is not part of the email.


To give you an idea of how we design templates and write articles for our clients, you can view samples here.  On a related note, this is our newsletter archive.


Hope this helps.  If I can be of help, don't hesitate to get in touch.


David Fischer

Solutions for Growth 914-533-7226

David Fischer
Solutions for Growth
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