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The Garden News (Any suggestions)

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The Garden News (Any suggestions)


Above is a link to our last e-newsletter.  We've had an e-newsletter since 2009.  We've slowly grown our list to nearly 500 members.  Our company is in a rural area so that is actually a pretty big audience for us.  As we move into the next pricing bracket I'm just looking for ways to improve the look and feel of the newsletter.  We repost the main article to our company blog so I am thinking of doing a "click to read more" type deal to help drive traffic to the blog.

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Re: The Garden News (Any suggestions)



I was fascinated by the Almanac on the bottom.   Do the seed planting times correspond to the moon cycles?  


I like your site in general, though I would like to see more color.   I like the call to action at the bottom asking for people to send in photos.   I think you could use more links to your blobs.


Is there a way to post a question to Bobby?


Anyway, very nice site.   Where is Bob's Market located?   That might be a good thing to add.






Re: The Garden News (Any suggestions)

I noticed many typographical errors. You need to find a proofreader/editor before you send out anything else.

As a gardener, I might want to see actual photos of the plants you are discussing. One more note... the title, "Ask Bob" is not very compelling; maybe include a photo of Bob working in his garden or working with plants.

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Re: The Garden News (Any suggestions)

Thanks for the response.  Yes. I should've done a better job proffing this one, but I usually anly have an hour to assemble each newsletter during this time of the year.  As for more photos, many poeple in our area only have access to dial up internet so I try to keep photos to a minimum to help keep load times fast.

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Re: The Garden News (Any suggestions)

John - Who is Bobby? Put a face on Bobby. It could be a photo or a caricature.

Use a table of contents at the top. Even use a side column for social, quick tips and photos.

You can never have enough photos in a garden newsletter.

I'm an avid gardener in a rural area as well. Before I "sprout" any more ideas let me know what you think.


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Re: The Garden News (Any suggestions)

Thanks for the suggestions.  I like the idea of a side column.  In fact I'm planning on starting a redesigned template.  This time of the year is our busy season so I don't have the time to hammer out a new template for the next newsletter, but this is something I can start working on to have ready for our spring sales season.