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Tomorrow morning (8/26) from 07:00 AM - 08:00 AM ET we need to make a few updates to our site. During this time, no emails will be sent and some customers will not be able to access their contacts. We recommend finishing up your work before 07:00 AM and logging in after 08:00 AM ET. Thank you for your patience while we make these updates.

Thoughts? Feedback?

Regular Visitor

Thoughts? Feedback?

Just looking for some feedback on our email campaign. 


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Thanks everyone!

CTCT Employee

Re: Thoughts? Feedback?

Hi Bailey. This email looks pretty good. There are just a couple things I would suggest looking at. One, your main text is white on a medium-tone gray. This can be difficult for some people to read. I would suggest a darker gray background color.


Also, there is a fair amount of whitespace between your logo and the image at the top of your email. Perhaps a different image would reduce that empty look.


Otherwise, the rest of the email looks great!

Jeff Gilson
Community & Social Media Support

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Re: Thoughts? Feedback?



Nice looking email. Good use of color and images.

A few suggestions:

  • It wasn't clear to me if you were offering refinancing or homes. Maybe a header would help, eg "Longing for that New Home?  The header should address the reasons customers come to you. The problems you solve for them.
  • Add an image of some satisfied customers (stock photos are OK). People images attract more attention. 
  • Put as caption uder the image, again along the lines of how you meet the needs of customers.

Good luck with your campaign,


John B rennan

Re: Thoughts? Feedback?

I like it. Clean, simple

Occasional Contributor

Re: Thoughts? Feedback?

As a graphic designer, I like the colors you chose, true, the top space header could use a little less white space, but I like the graphics. 


I only had one opinion about the text: When putting in the text, it is better to use one font style, and I would paste the text in from WordPad and format inside your email. All your text can be different like Italics and Bolds and Caps, and if they are one font, like Calibri, it makes it not only easier to read, but also has a better overall look.


Great Work! 


Danielle Watson

CMD, Graphic Designer