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Trying to decide if Social Campaign works

Occasional Visitor

Trying to decide if Social Campaign works

I ran this campaign and received 25 new likes. Is that a reasonable return? Is there anything that I should have done differently?  In your experience do the number of new likes decrease, increase, or maintain with each new campaign? Would love to hear how you utilize this feature.

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Corri Rekart
Occasional Advisor

Re: Trying to decide if Social Campaign works

Hi Corri,


I always find coupons are a great way to engage people! I might suggest using the word "exclusive" rather than "just for fans", for some reason it triggers a sense of specialness. Like people would want to get in on the offer, NOW!


I also might suggest changing the yellow font on your second page, it is a little difficult to read.


One way to make sure people redeem your coupon is to give it a deadline and mention that in your campaign as well! You might find you get a higher redemption rate when people have a sense of urgency to use it.


Hope this helps!