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Using Mobile Template for Desktop


Using Mobile Template for Desktop


Trying to use the same template to send to both mobile & desktop users. The logo & other pics. look distorted on the desktop version and is so big on the mobile version.  Any advise would be appreciated. 

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Re: Using Mobile Template for Desktop

HI Dale,

Thanks for posting. This email looks great on my desktop but you are right, the logo is a little large. Even on a big computer screen the image takes up most of the page when I first open and that could discourage me from scrolling down. I might consider making it smaller and aligning left or right with some text. If it looks big on a computer it will be bigger on a mobile device!


We've got some templates that are optimized for mobile devices, you can find these by searching the templates for "mobile". I'm not sure what template you are using now but you can take a look at those. 

Great job making your images clickable, and the text is nice and large. The  social icons are a bit small and might be more effective at the bottom or top. Once I see them I want to click them and lose track of the bottom of the email. 


I would recommend moving your call to action more toward the top of the email to get the point across with one quick look at the email. We've got lots of other tips for mobile friendly emails here if you can take a look at these!



Hannah M.
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