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Website Critique

Occasional Contributor

Website Critique


We have a website for our relationbship Center. I invite anyone to critique it tell us what you think. Let us know if there is something you would like to see on the website! 

Loretta Worley

Regular Advisor

Re: Website Critique

Hi Loretta, 

I think it looks very professional. The first thing that took notice of was the small width of the site. Many people have wide monitors these days so it will look pretty tiny on those. One other thing I noticed is that you might want to add more textual content relative to certain keywords you wish to be found under on the search engines. For example, I couldn't find the state you were in so somebody searching for "Ohio Marriage Counseling" (assuming your state is Ohio), would not be able to find you. 


I hope you find this helpful. 



Mike Donovan
Occasional Participant

Re: Website Critique

I agree with the size issue. You should have the width increased. Also it is all very purple. While that is one of my favorite colors I feel it needs to be separated a bit like the The Name of your company should be in black or have a drop shadow to stand out and the tag line underneath should be a bit smaller and italicized. Good Luck!

All Star

Re: Website Critique

First, I'm by no means an expert... I'm just a PR Director at a non-profit who has been using CC for about 5 years now, and recently managed to teach myself website design via Adobe Dreamweaver (and I still have a lot to learn... believe me).


Anyway, as someone else pointed out, the first thing I noticed was the seemingly narrow width of the website.  On some sites a narrow width works well, but I think that since the background is a bit busy with the pattern, and there's not much variation in color scheme, it makes it look a little "too narrow."  I'd suggest either making the body a bit wider, or adding osme contrast in color between the background and body.


Secondly, pictures and graphics are what catches the eye on a website and within advertising and copy in general.  With that said, I think I'd try another picture at the top of the body, because a couple who appear to be arguing probably isn't the image you want to convey.  Honestly, as a guy, the first thing I noticed was that the girl looked attractive (sorry... it's the truth), and the second thing I thought was, "Why are they arguing?"  (and suddenly, the photo became less of an "eye catcher.")


The only other input I have is that perhaps adding a header that included some kind of logo rather than just standard text would be a positive, and catch people's eye.  Even if you aren't versed in Photoshop, etc., just coming up with a basic .png file that uses a contrasing font, colors, etc., could be more attractive to the eye.


Web design is a process... as I am learning myself.  This is certainly a solid effort, and if you're comfortable with the content, structure, and functionality of the site, you can take your time with the rest.  Best of luck!