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Will you critique my e-mail? Thanks so much!

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Will you critique my e-mail? Thanks so much!

Hey everyone! Can you critique this for me? Let me know if there's a way to make it better.


Thanks so much!


Wyoming E-mail

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Re: Will you critique my e-mail? Thanks so much!

Just a couple of ideas....


I see you made the text of the email an image...probably so that you could get it formatted just right with the colors you wanted. However, the image looks too blurry and the eye doesn't want to read it. Take out the image and just put in the text...use the color background button to get the colors you need.


Put some pictures of your furniture in so that people can see who you are and what you do as soon as the email is opened.


Put "Martin Public LLC" on one line in larger font...the description "Ohio's leading school...." on a second line in smaller font.


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Re: Will you critique my e-mail? Thanks so much!

Hi Rose,

You already received a great comment on handling the text. Frankly, the red background, even with text and not an image, makes this tougher to read than with a higher contrast of a dark font on white. Plus, the olive green background on the promo isn't a good color match for the red. More pictures will add appeal--love the apple!


Your content is good but separate the company name and the tagline "Ohio's leading school furniture dealer"


Always keep in mind, "What's in it for them!" You offer a promotional discount. What else can you offer on your website or on Facebook so someone is compelled to click? "Check out our website and let us know what you think" really benefits the company vs. the prospect. Perhaps you could add a testimonial from a happy customer.


Congratulations on using Constant Contact and for moving forward to building your business!

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