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Would love your feedback on our newsletter


Would love your feedback on our newsletter

I was excited to find this forum today - its great to have a support community for all of us who are writing newsletters.


We publish a health and nutrition newsletter twice a month and just published our 6th one (I've attached the link below).  


We have made some small changes each time and get great feedback but few forwards. We would love your feedback and comments.


Thanks in advance


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Re: Would love your feedback on our newsletter



You may be getting more forwards than you think.  If someone uses his email client to forward (as many people do), this will not be tracked in Constant Contact.  See FAQ 1744 for further explanation.


I did not see a Forward to a Friend button in your email.  You may want to consider adding this rather than relying solely on the Forward to a Friend text at the bottom of your newsletter.  You can read step-by-step instructions on how to do that in FAQ 2732.


The color and layout of your newsletter are nice, and I especially liked the use of pictures.  You also do a nice job connecting with your readers through Twitter, etc.  Your picture at the end also adds a personal touch.


Keep up the good work!


Maureen Dudley
Dudley & Nunez Communications
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Re: Would love your feedback on our newsletter

Thanks Maureen,


Adding a forward button in the e-mail message is a good idea. We will look into it. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback.



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Re: Would love your feedback on our newsletter

Beautiful presentation!  

Andi Johnson
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Re: Would love your feedback on our newsletter

I love the simplicity. Would you mind telling me what the name of the template is?

Re: Would love your feedback on our newsletter

Great newsletter! Very clean and not too long. You're smart to use the "Read more" link for your articles. These are great for tracking popularity and interest and to drive traffic to your website. My one suggestion is to consider other link phrases than the standard "Read More." For example with your first article, "Find out how to get more out of your salads" or "Here's how to move beyond lettuce salads."


Also, this is the Basic Pack- Right Sidebar template. If you are looking for simple templates, check out the Basic Pack category.

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