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Yikes! I think I created a monster! Help!

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Yikes! I think I created a monster! Help!

We are a residential remodeling company out of Cleveland Ohio and I am the office web chick. :smileyhappy:  About 3 years ago we had a newsletter that we only sent out for about 9 months.  We stopped and some of our customers asked about it, so we are about to start it back up again.  I just realized that it's the longest newsletter ever... it's more like a magazine... and I've already created all 12 months! Yikes.  Please review our campaign and let me know how you would feel if you got this in your inbox... it takes 4 scrolls down to get through it in a regular email.  Would you be cool with that?






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Re: Yikes! I think I created a monster! Help!

Hi Tiffany,


I know "they" say not to make users scroll, but I like how your email is setup with quick info bits.

Easy to pick and choose which items interest me.


Is the actually email wider? Fonts larger?


Maybe you can make it two columns.

One wide and one narrow with the small items in the narrow column.


Also, the black text blends in too much with the gray background.

Try a white background with a box around the entire email.


I like the "Deep Thought of the Month."



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Re: Yikes! I think I created a monster! Help!

Thanks for your reply Mary! 


Yes, the email is wider... the background (sides) is just white so I cropped it in Photoshop before posting it.  I'm not sure if I can make it two columns with this template, but I will try.  That makes sense. 


Thanks again! 


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Re: Yikes! I think I created a monster! Help!

THe recipe looks great, but I am wondering why it is included...I would eliminate that.  And the "Deep Thought of the Month".  Keep it in the subject you know the most about, even if you are a great chef .  I like before and after remodel shots, I am always can I make the .............better?  (Doorway, laundry room, garage doors, etc.)

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Re: Yikes! I think I created a monster! Help!

Thank you, Randi!

I actually could get rid of the recipe and replace it with before and after shots.  I just read something about newsletters and it said that by showing pictures of food it makes people more "open to buy".  I could scrap it though. Thanks!

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Re: Yikes! I think I created a monster! Help!

Hi, I agree the recipe seems out of place. Do you profit from the items sold at the end of the news letter if not I think I would leave these out, oniy because it would make it a bit shorter.

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Re: Yikes! I think I created a monster! Help!

Well, it is pretty long and I usually go for clicks to drill down for more info rather than having to scroll.

I just scanned it and looked at the parts that were of most interest to me which does the same thing but maybe that was becuase I was invested in seeing the whole thing for the sake of the forum and a time pressed reader may not give it the same time. Do one this way and the next with links and see which works better for you!


In terms of content - I'd replace the tip and the things you like at the bottom and ditch the recipe. Whichever order you choose, if you keep that format, people will know where to look for the the bits they like.


Not sure about the deep thought needing a category of its own. Perhaps if you like to add something like that to add some humanity, you could use it in your signature strip.


Good Luck!

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Re: Yikes! I think I created a monster! Help!

Great eye candy!  You know your web tools and use them well, from what I see here.


From a Marketing perspective, you don't want to send people too much.  I recommend 3 max to my clients ( I work with attorneys, small IT companies, and assorted people wanting to start and grow a business...individuals).


Suggestion 1:  Ask your top people what have they seen people ask for in January...and put three things people could have your company do THAT WOULD DISRUPT THEIR LIFE THE LEAST in there.  AND - make one of those items a Major Life Disruptor...for Snow Birds (if you are in "cold country" and people go South for the winter.  They won't mind not being able to use the kitchen, bathroom, etc.


Suggestion 2:  Sell the Sizzle, not the steak...look back through your "magazine" and note that gets people excited.  It's not "another bathroom" but rather, "When you need another bathroom RIGHT NOW...."   Let their imagination fill in the blanks.


Happy New Year!



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Re: Yikes! I think I created a monster! Help!

I agree it is rather long. I would shorten to 3 segments plus a footer. Just to long to read. Hope this helps.
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Re: Yikes! I think I created a monster! Help!

Thank you for the replies!  I did shorten it a bit after reading this... I came back to post the updated version today, and I will plan to ask our readers what they like the best. 


We do have an Amazon affiliate account, so we do get paid when someone buys from the links.


I ditched the recipe,  (much to my dismay... I love food! haha)  and moved the deep thoughts into a small area right under the "links we like" area. 


I hope that we get some good feedback.  I plan on printing a few copies and also taking my tablet to the home and garden show that we're in next week.  I'll ask customers right on the spot what they think of the newsletter. 


Thanks again for all of your help!