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Yoga Campaign! Whatcha think?!


Yoga Campaign! Whatcha think?!

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CTCT Employee

Re: Yoga Campaign! Whatcha think?!



I was glad to take a look at the campaign! It looks fantastic! The color combinations are great, although I would refrain from using more colors than you already have. Links and Images are just fine, the text is uniform.


If I were to make an comments on the campaign it would be that it is a bit long, vertically. Now sometimes this can be effective in a more newsletter type campaign which yours seems to be, but it is something we do want to keep in mind. Just how much scrolling are we asking our readers to do!


Hope this helps!,

Ian W

Community & Social Media Support Intern

Re: Yoga Campaign! Whatcha think?!

Thanks Ian_W! 


Yes, this is a Monthly Newsletter but I'm also using this template for my Weekly. In the weekly, I feature the upcoming weekend events and, of course,  highlight that in the Subject Line. My thought is why not have other events visible in the email as well hoping that our community will catch a glimps of those too. Or, does it possibly work against me to have too many events present?