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please critique my newsletter

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Re: please critique my newsletter

Hi Gina,


Thanks for sharing your newsletter with us here!  Let me start by saying that your newsletter is AWESOME!  I really don't have much to critique!


Your pictures are great.  You have a perfect combination of images and text.  It is said that people read by scanning all through the email from left to right, which is exactly what I did!  I went all the way to the bottom, then back up and started reading the articles.


I would maybe move your headline "June 2011 Newsletter: Huge News....BAHBAD partners with DKMS Our Missions Unite" out of that block and up to the green space right under your logo.  That way your introduction block starts with Dear Gina.


I love the gradient in the left sidebar, however those that are using Outlook 2007 and higher for their email client, won't be able to see it. It will show instead the color that is behind it.  So make sure under Global Colors & Fonts that you have a similar green so it's not too much of a change.


Under the Donate button, you say that you're a 5013c, I believe that's 501c3.


Other than that, you are golden!  You have such an inspirational story to tell, please introduce yourself in our Introductions board


Thank you for sharing this newsletter with us and letting us see a glimpse into your life.


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Re: please critique my newsletter

Marissa - I could not agree with you more. At first glance on Friday, I thought it was a bit long, but length doesn't matter when you have the passion as Gina does for a cause. Also, thanks for the tip on Outlook 2007.


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