400 Bad upload data exception - But only for 1 AccessKey

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400 Bad upload data exception - But only for 1 AccessKey

When using the .Net Wrapper API, an exception is raised when attempting to add a record to an email list on Constant COntact.  the error is "Bad Upload Data".   and this error is raised only when 1 particular AccessKey is being used.  Other AccessKeys, working with the same data complete the add with no issues.    Any suggestions as to what we might look into in order to get this corrected?  thank you.




Thanks for posting.  Would you provide a payload or code snippet that is giving you the bad upload data error.  It will assist us greatly in helping you.


Andrew B.
API Support, Constant Contact

Additional Information:


It appears that Access_Token values that are from Constant Contact accounts created recently using the Account Provisioning API are the ones that are experiencing this problem with adding records to contact lists.    

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So, any thoughts on why some AccessToken values will raise an exception while others have success?  Thank you..

We haven't seen anything that would indicate there is a problem with that specific account.  It's possible that the upload date you're sending for that account has something that can't be processed on our side.  Can you give us an approx. time span of the last failure so we can search our logs and see if there are any errors/failiures we can see?

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Thank you for your reply. 

in answer to your question:  Any and all attempts to execute the CreateAddContactsActivity(accessToken:=vAccessToken, apiKey:=vAPIKey, addContacts:=vAddContacts) using the specific AccessToken i pm'ed you have failed with the 'bad upload data' exception. 

So an approximate timespan is October31st to the present.  

I attempted numerous times last night and this morning to add contacts to CC Contact Lists using that specific AccessToken value, as well as others that have never had problems.  The only result for any of these attempts has been an exception: "http.status.internal_server_error: we are currently experiencing an issue with our service, please try again in a few minutes or contact Customer Support...".     Has there been any changes to the interface on your end that i should be aware of maybe?  I'd been developing/testing these features for a month with no such issues until this came up.


As far as the possibility that the data being sent is causing this problem...i would never totally discard that possibility. But in this instance, the same data can be uploaded successfully into CC contact lists when other AccessTokens are used.


once again, thank you for your time.  i am available if there is anything further you would like me to provide.



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Referencing fields:  PostalCode or SubPostalCode   raises the "Bad Upload Data" exception.   Doesnt matter if a value is supplied or not.   This occurs only for some AccessToken values.


Referencing field: CustomField1  results in the "http.status.internal_server_error: we are currently experiencing an issue with our service, please try again in a few minutes or contact Customer Support...".  This has been the case for only the past several days.  It appears to occur for all AccessToken values.


Just going to drop these fields from our upload. 

Maybe you can notify us, or put an entry in the API Blog/release Notes when this problem is corrected.

Thanks for the additional details here.  We'll take a look at a few things on our side and update when we have additional details to share.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

We have discovered the cause of the 500 errors that are indicating that the service is currently not available, please try again.  You are correct, there is a problem with Custom Fields being passed in.  We have a fix and are planning on deploying it after testing on Thurs 11/14.  Thanks for the assistance in trouble shooting this.  We're also looking into why our tests (which do test for this case) did not catch this during our last deploy and will fix any issues we find there.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Thank you for that information.


just as a point of interest on the bulk uploads that generate the "Bad Upload Data" exception when the Zip fields are referenced.  What i have noticed is that this exception occurs only for AccessToken values that come from accounts originally created in southern cal.  The AccessToken values i tested with that belong to accounts created in northern cal have had no issues. realize i am talking only a handful of accounts here.  but wondering if the CC servers that house these accounts are in fact different. and, if so, perhaps they are not running the same version of the CC interface?   just a thought. Thanks again for lookng into this.

Is the account that has the zip code problems the same one that you sent me the access_token for? 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Dave,     yes it is.  


Are you doing a single Contact action or a bulk action?  Can you share the details about the request your making and if possible PM or email us the access_token that is failing? 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

PM sent to Dave with additional information, including the Access_Token.


The exception is triggered in code below at:

CreateAddContactsActivity(accessToken:=vAccessToken, apiKey:=vAPIKey, addContacts:=vAddContacts)

While startPos < vnowContactsList.Count
    If startPos + batchSize < vnowContactsList.Count Then
                '   do nothing
         batchSize = vnowContactsList.Count - startPos
    End If
                        '   Create AddContacts Activity
    contactsList = vnowContactsList.GetRange(startPos, batchSize)
    Dim vAddContacts As New CTCT.Components.Activities.AddContacts(contactsList, targetContactLists, ourCoulumnsList)
                        'Instantiate the Actvity Service
    Dim vActivityService As New CTCT.Services.ActivityService
    Dim vActivityServiceRsp As CTCT.Components.Activities.Activity
    vActivityServiceRsp = vActivityService.CreateAddContactsActivity   (accessToken:=vAccessToken, apiKey:=vAPIKey, addContacts:=vAddContacts)
                        startPos += batchSize
End While



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