400 redirect_url invalid v3.0

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400 redirect_url invalid v3.0

I'm writing this up to save anyone else, who is as slow Whitted as I, sometime.  If you are getting a 400 error when you submit your query for an Authorization Code, be sure to check your entire query string.


In my case, I was working from the v2 API trying to role up a v3 wrapper for my app, and had inadvertently left a reference to &state= in my query string to https://api.cc.email/v3/idfed.  The error message saying that the redirect_url was invalid caused me to spend way to much time looking at the actual parameter it was complaining about.


Upon review, I found the errant parameter removed it and was good to go.  


Hope this helps just one person not lose any sleep...  at least over this integration.



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