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409 error despite of the fact list is empty

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409 error despite of the fact list is empty

i am using your api for my php project and while adding an email account to list i got 409 error in response..

plz help me out of this because the list is empty so there should be no duplicacy related error


Hey, I think I know what's happening, and I'll be glad to help.


If you're attempting to add a contact to a list, and receiving a 409, it's likely that the contact already exists on the account. It may be in a different list, or even in the removed or do not mail lists, but creation of a contact is by account, and not by lists.


It is possible to update an existing contact with the new list that they are attempting to sign up for. Depending on whether you're using the PHP wrapper, the CCSFG, or another tool, the steps will be different, but you will want to use the search by email address functionality to check if a contact exists. If it already exists, you would preform a GET for the details, add the new list's details to the XML, then do a PUT.


If you have any questions on this, please let us know.


Nick Galbraith
Support Engineer

Hello, I'm using the Contact Form Generator and I'd like some help with almost the same problem.

If a contact already exists on another list (not part of the array), it won't add the email address to this new list.


Can you tell me how to override this error or maybe even just give me some modified files to upload to our server?

Hi bssa,


The downloadable version of the CCSFG does not allow any existing contacts to be updated, due to security reasons. If you would like the update version, please read this forum post explaining the risks. Once you have read that post, and understand the risks, email us at webservices@constantcontact.com, and we can send you the update version of the tool.

Nick Galbraith
Support Engineer
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