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A couple of suggestions


A couple of suggestions

We are a dropship distributor and we use constant contact to email all of our dealers including international dealers.   We have 6 sales reps and maybe i'm doing something wrong but it takes forever to optimize the emails.


1)   I'd like to send each email to each Sale's Rep's customer base and have it sent from them.   It'd be nice if i can can send one email and within that email be able to break it down so it'll send Rep A's 1,000 customers an email from them and then Send Rep B's 500 customers and email from him and so on.  Right now for me to do that i Have to create a separate list for each customer's accounts.  The send one email and copy the email to the next rep etc etc.   It'd be nice to have one contact list for all reps and then when sending an email filter the contact list per rep and designate a sent from email for each filter.   So i'd only have to send the email once and would only need one contact list..


2)  Since our customers are all over the world, i don't want to have to break down the master contact list by region so i can send out during the optimal time for each region.   It would be so nice if Constant Contact would keep track of each customer's previous open timestamp and then automatically send future emails around that same time.  






We definitely appreciate the feedback. Using categorical variables to schedule and indicate different from addresses has not been something we have done in the past, but we're always looking for ways, like those you suggest, to improve and update our systems and web services to improve the experiences of our customers, partners, and developers. 



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