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API Call Limit always reached. Help

Occasional Contributor

API Call Limit always reached. Help

Hi CC developers. Please increase the number of calls per day from 10,000 to say 50,000 please.

Our customers are complaining.


We are a tecnology partner =>  and according to we are qualified for an increase.




Re: API Call Limit always reached. Help



I have sent you a response to the email you sent to I have updated your API key to our partner levels. I have edited your post to remove your API Key.


In case others are viewing this post in the future, our standard API Key limits for our v2 API are 10,000 calls per day and 4 calls per second. Members of our partner program are given 250,000 calls per day and up to 20 calls per second. To associate your API Key to your partnership, please email, CC your account manager, and include you Partner name as well as your API Key.


Please let me know if you have any other questions!

David B.
Tier II API Support Engineer