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API Database Permissions

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API Database Permissions


We have a web site that offers Free Member accounts and Donating Sustainer accounts.

We want to maintain our list of Free Member account email addresses through Constant Contact.

We will be writing to our list of Free Members and asking them to upgrade to a Donating Sustainer account.

In doing so, we need the API to function in such a way that when the user upgrades their account type from Free Member to Sustainer status that their email is removed from the Constant Contact email list, so after they become a Donating Sustainer they do not get further emails from us asking them to upgrade their Free Member account, which they no longer have...

Does the API have this intelligence?





Removing a contact

We do have the ability to prevent contacts from receiving Constant Contact mail. To give specifics I would need to understand a bit more on the mechanism that you are using to actually have someone upgraded from “Free Member” to “Donating Member”. With that being said, in the process you are using to upgrade that contact and collect their donation you could certainly build in the functionality to also remove the contact to prevent them from recieving mail from your Constant Contact account. There are two methods which will would work for you, but I will list them both.


1)      Removing the Contact - You could update the contact and remove all of their <ContactList> elements from the <ContactLists> element, to remove them from all active contact lists. This would place the contact on 'Removed' status, which would prevent these contacts from recieving emails from your Constant Contact account. Please note that using this method would allow you to add the contact back into any contact list by updating their <ContactLists> element to include each <ContactList> you wish the contact to be a part of.


2)      Opting out the Contact  – You could also opt-out the contact, which would place them in the ‘Do Not Mail’ list. This is a more permanent removal and would require you to Opt-in the contact to have them join your any of your lists again. Please note that it is in violation of the Constant Contact Terms and Conditions as well ass Constant Contact API Terms and Conditions to add back any contact who has not explicitely taken action to be added back.  Please see our terms and conditions for more detailed information regarding this.


David J

New Member

Thanks David, I think it is

Thanks David, I think it is option 1 that gives us what we want. Our programmer will know for sure, but what you explain is hopeful. Thanks!


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