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API Importing from CSV fails to import on some emails

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API Importing from CSV fails to import on some emails



I can successfully import lists of emails but we have a file today that will not import. Instead it displays the content of the email instead in the browser.




{"import_data":[{"email_addresses":["EMAIL"]} (I replacd the actual email address with EMAIL)


This repeats through the whole list.: {"import_data":[{"email_addresses":["EMAIL"]}, {"import_data":[{"email_addresses":["EMAIL"]}, {"import_data":[{"email_addresses":["EMAIL"]}  etc...


Some of the emails use this format.


Is this causing the problem? as works fine. I am wondring if the additional period is causing the problem.





Hello Savino,


If the import is failing, the API should be giving you a specific error message about what in the email is causing it to fail. I did personally test an email address with two periods and it works without issue. I suspect that the issue is likely a specific entry in the list that is violating the formatting rules.


If you have the specific error message I should be able to provide more information here on the forums. In addition, you can also send the JSON payload to us at so that we can check it for errors without having to post those email addresses on a public forum.



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