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API Importing from CSV fails to import on some emails

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API Importing from CSV fails to import on some emails



I can successfully import lists of emails but we have a file today that will not import. Instead it displays the content of the email instead in the browser.




{"import_data":[{"email_addresses":["EMAIL"]} (I replacd the actual email address with EMAIL)


This repeats through the whole list.: {"import_data":[{"email_addresses":["EMAIL"]}, {"import_data":[{"email_addresses":["EMAIL"]}, {"import_data":[{"email_addresses":["EMAIL"]}  etc...


Some of the emails use this format.




Is this causing the problem? as firstname.lastname@email.com works fine. I am wondring if the additional period is causing the problem.





Hello Savino,


If the import is failing, the API should be giving you a specific error message about what in the email is causing it to fail. I did personally test an email address with two periods and it works without issue. I suspect that the issue is likely a specific entry in the list that is violating the formatting rules.


If you have the specific error message I should be able to provide more information here on the forums. In addition, you can also send the JSON payload to us at webservices@constantcontact.com so that we can check it for errors without having to post those email addresses on a public forum.



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