API Not Syncing List in Optimizepress


API Not Syncing List in Optimizepress

I need assistance please. Need to sync my list in OptimizePress. The option only gives me "nul" 




In order to set up the integration with OptimizePress, they require you to provide your own API Key and Token. You can find a little bit of explanation on their website here: https://www.optimizepress.com/8-new-features-in-optimizepress-update-2-5-2/


To get your own API key, we require a developer account which can be created here: https://constantcontact.mashery.com/member/register


Once you've created a developer account, you will need to register an API key here: https://constantcontact.mashery.com/apps/register


You can use the following values to set up your API Key:

  • Application Name: OptimizePress
  • Company Name: Your Company Name
  • Website: Your website URL, beginning with http:// or https://
  • Description can be left empty.


Once you have an API key, you can get an Access Token by going to our API Tester and clicking on Get Access Token. You can find the API tester here: https://constantcontact.mashery.com/io-docs


If you have any questions, please let me know!



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