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API Problem, draft campaigns not being created


API Problem, draft campaigns not being created

We currently have an integration with the Constant Contact API that allows a user to submit a new campaign (with template) to CC from our site.  Currently the API seems to be accessible, as we can retrieve account information (mail lists, verified email adresses, etc).  We get positive responses all the way through our process (which includes creating the campaign on CC).  But alas, a visit to CC shows no new campaign draft in the list.  This has been a working feature of ours for some time now, and has not changed on our end.

Is CC experiencing some sort of service outage? or has something in the API changed that we need to be aware of?  The Constant Contact API needs a serious overhaul (JSON, please!).

HI Angela, I apologize that you're having trouble with your API. I'm going to direct you to the API forums. Can you please check our http://developer.constantcontact.com ? That is where the API specialists are. They can answer you in the forums. I hope that helps, Marissa W. Community & Social Media Support Representative
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