API Sync Constant Contact to CRM: log records failed no explanation of what was the failure.

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API Sync Constant Contact to CRM: log records failed no explanation of what was the failure.

This problem started just recently around 8/21/14. We are syncing our CRM to Constant Contact. Previously the sync log from Constant Contact listed error records with the explanation (invalid email, already unsubscribed, etc). Now the log no longer includes this information. Unfortunately there is no way we can identify which record failed. Has the logs been changed or is there a problem within Constant Contact that provides this information in the log to help identify which records had error so they can be fixed in our Constant Contact account.

Thanks in advance.

This is an example of XML status we received.
<Activity xmlns="http://ws.constantcontact.com/ns/1.0/" id="http://api.constantcontact.com/ws/customers/Our email address /activities/




After reviewing this, I found that this is happening because there are some changes in the Contact Management back-end with how errors are handled with bulk imports. This change has caused detailed information such as invalid email addresses and unsubscribes to be displayed under the Contacts page in the affected Constant Contact account rather than in the Activity log. This has also resulted in this detailed information not being immediately available to the API as a result.


Our development team for the contact management platform is working on an enhancement to enable this functionality within the new system for managing bulk imports. Unfortunately, I do not have a specific timeline yet for when this will be available.


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